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Jaipur Festivals


Fairs and festivals add much needed zing to our life and give us an opportunity to forget all our tensions and make merry. Fairs and festivals in Jaipur epitomises this very idea of living life to the hilt. Fair and festivals in Jaipur, Rajasthan are a colourful affair and offer a wonderful opportunity to tourists to enjoy cultural festivity in the dessert state of Rajasthan. Jaipur Hub provides complete information on various fairs and festivals in Jaipur, Rajasthan. If you want to travel to Jaipur during a major festival, Jaipur Hub offers a number of tour packages for tourists.

Teej FestivalsTeej Festivals
Festivals are what add color to life and festivals in Rajasthan are the perfect example of this fact. There are a number of fairs and festivals that are celebrated in Rajasthan. Festive season is also the right time to visit Rajasthan as one can closely observe the customs and traditions followed by people in this colorful state. The vibrancy of the colorful state of Rajasthan comes to fore during fairs and festivals.

Teej is one of the most important festivals celebrated in Rajasthan. After the scorching heat of summer months, Teej welcomes the monsoon showers in Rajasthan. Teej is celebrated in the month of July-August and is an important festival of the womenfolk of Rajasthan. The festival marks the onset of festive season in Rajasthan.

Teej is celebrated with all the gusto and fervour in Jaipur. If you are in Jaipur during Teej festival, you can see young girls and married women dressed in their best clothes. Teej is primarily women's festival and women pray to Goddess Paravati during this festival. There is a mythical legend attached to Teej festival and it is believed that after years of penance, Goddess Parvati was united with Lord Shiva on Teej. On the day of Teej festival, married women pray for the well being of their husbands and martial bliss.

Gangaur FestivalGangaur Festival
Gangaur is one of the important festivals in Rajasthan, which is celebrated a fortnight after Holi. It is perhaps the only festival in Rajasthan that is celebrated for 18 days. Celebrated in honor of Goddess Paravati, Gangaur festival is celebrated by the womenfolk of Rajasthan. On the occasion of the festival, offerings are made to the Goddess Parvati. The festival is considered an auspicious occasion for young people to choose their life partners.

Though celebrated across Rajasthan, the festival is a treat to watch in Jaipur and Udaipur. The festival is celebrated with pomp and show in Bikaner, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. During the festival, images of Gauri, the other name of Goddess Paravati and Shiva called Gan are taken out in colorful processions.

Udaipur is an ideal place to tour during Gangaur festival as the Lake City presents a wonderful look on the occasion of the festival. The procession to Pichola Lake is the highlight of the Gangaur festival in Udaipur. The ceremony attracts a number of tourists and locals. The whole event comes to an end with the display of wonderful fireworks on the bank of Pichola Lake.

Elephant FestivalElephant Festival
If you are in Jaipur during March, Elephant Festival is the event to enjoy. It is a wonderful sight to watch the beautifully decorated elephants catwalk in front of a large number of spectators. Elephant festival is a unique kind of festival held in Rajasthan. The festival offers an excellent opportunity to tourists to watch elephants indulging in all types of activities. Discover the festive side of Jaipur with Jaipur Hub.

Elephant processions, races, polo and playing Holi on elephants are some of the events that one can enjoy during Elephant festival. The colorful procession marks the start of the Elephant festival in Jaipur. Though elephants are centre of attraction during the festival one can also see camels and horses beautifully decked up for the occasion.

Pushkar FairPushkar Fair
Pushkar, just 11 kilometres from Ajmer comes alive during Puskar Fair, when people from all over Rajasthan converge at Pushkar with their cattle stock. Pushkar Fair is regarded as one of the largest camel festivals in the world. Celebrated in the month of October-November, Pushkar Fair attracts domestic as well as foreign tourist to Pushkar in Rajasthan.

Pushkar festival is not about camels only but it is also about horses, cows, goats, sheep and most importantly about the lively people of Rajasthan, who come to the Pushkar fair in their best attires. The festival looks like a riot of colors with men wearing colourful turbans and women in pleated ghagaras (ankle-length skirts) of different hues. The festival offers a wonderful opportunity to see the people selling and buying camels, goats, horses etc.


Fairs and Festivals Place 2012 2013 2014 2015
Camel Festival Bikaner 8-9 Jan. 26-27 Jan. 15-16 Jan. 4-5 Jan.
Nagaur Fair(Ramdeoji Cattle Fair) Nagaur 30Jan.-2 Feb 17-20 Feb. 6-9 Feb. 26-29 Jan.
Desert Festival Jaisalmer 5-7 Feb. 23-25 Feb. 12-14 Feb. 1-3 Feb.
Beneshwar Fair Beneshwar(Dungarpur) 3-7 Feb. 21-25 Feb. 10-14 Feb. 30 Jan-3 Feb.
Braj Festival Bharatpur 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb.
Elephant Festival Jaipur 7 Mar. 26 Mar. 16 Mar. 5 Mar.
Kailadevi Fair Karauli 19 Mar. 7 Apr. 28 Mar. 17 Mar.
Gangaur Festival Jaipur 25-26 Mar. 13-14 Apr. 2-3 Apr. 22-23 Mar.
Mewar Festival Udaipur 25-27 Mar. 13-15 Apr. 2-4 Apr.

22-24 Mar.

Mahaveerji Fair Mahaveerji 1-6 Apr. 20-25 Apr. 8-15 Apr. 28 Mar.-4 Apr.
Summer Festival Mount Abu 4-6 May 23-25 May 12-14 May 2-4 May
Teej Festival Jaipur 22-23 July 9-10 Aug. 30-31 July 17-18 Aug.
Kajli Teej Bundi 4 Aug. 22-23 Aug. 12-13 Aug. 31 Aug.- 1 Sept.
Dussehra Festival Kota 22-24 Oct. 12-14 Oct. 1-3 Oct. 21-22 Oct.
Matasya Festival Alwar 22-23 Oct. 12-13 Oct. 2-3 Oct. 21-22 Oct.
Marwar Festival Jodhpur 28-29 Oct. 17-18 Oct. 7-8 Oct. 26-27 Oct.
Pushkar Fair Pushkar
20-28 Nov. 9-17 Nov. 30 Oct.- 6 Nov. 18-25 Nov.
Chandrabhaga Fair Jhalawad 27-29 Nov. 16-18 Nov. 5-7 Nov. 24-26 Nov.
Bundi Utsav Bundi 1-3 Dec. 20-21 Nov.    
Kumbhalgarh Festival Udaipur 21-23 Dec. 21-23 Dec.    
Winter Festival Mount Abu 29-31 Dec. 29-31 Dec. 29-31 Dec. 29-31 Dec.


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